Frequently Asked Questions


What is your woodworking process like?

Our process is pretty straightforward. It usually starts with an initial design consultation where we discuss the kind of furniture or cabinets you want to create, followed by careful onsite measurement. The next step in this process is to draw your desired design in CAD software and adding textures. Lastly, we will ask you to approve the sketched design, and then we build custom furniture that surpasses your expectations.


How much will it cost to buy custom furniture from your company?

Given the several factors involved in building customized furniture, it is almost impossible to know the cost. Each piece that we make is fully customized because you select the wood, style, and stain that perfectly suit your home. The cost can vary from one project to another. Generally, the overall cost will depend on the type of design and wood used when making your custom furniture. Without understanding the customizations needed, it will be impossible to determine the exact cost of your custom furniture beforehand. Please schedule a consultation with our experts to know how much it would cost to complete your woodwork project.


How Long does it take to get my custom furniture?

This is a question that many businesses or homeowners ask themselves when they are considering whether to get furniture from Home Depot or have it handcrafted. Custom furniture is made using premium quality materials, so the wait can be longer than what you would expect for furnishings produced in large quantities at the assembly line. Our Custom furniture can take between 10 to 12 weeks before we deliver it to your home or office; it all depends on the size of the order and the complexity of your design.


What is your custom furniture made of?

We usually use hardwood frames and plywood boxes when building our furniture. Hardwood frames are the exterior part of your woodwork while plywood is generally used in the interior part of your product.